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Electric Scooter


Electric Scooter


Electric Scooter

RideOnVoltz always wants to make its customers’ experience joyful and worth enjoying while riding on our Electric Scooters. With a wide range of Xiaomi Electric Scooters and Electric Scooters Adult, we are serving the local people and catering to their needs in all aspects.

Today, we have tried to compile the basic knowledge of parts of Electric Scooters to share with our users and it will be more fun to read for the teens. We all know that in our youth age we, especially boys were used to take great interest in the car, bike repairing, and studying its parts. So, here we have brought to you a brief, handy guide to learn about different parts and its uses.

The use of riding Electric Scooters is becoming common these days and, therefore, we need to know about its parts more in detail.

Though the features could be different from brand to brand the parts and their functions will remain the same in each Electric Scooter. Here are those general parts of Electric Scooters:

  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Handlebars
  • Controller
  • Stem
  • Deck

Let’s study each briefly!


It is one of the important parts which make your connection to the road.

E-scooters usually have 2 types of tires, solid (airless) and pneumatic (air-filled). Some scooters either contain 1 type or both. If your scooter has pneumatic tires then you must note the pressure required to keep your tire inflated and have a safe ride. Solid tires are comparatively more durable.


Another crucial part is the batteries that give the energy to your scooter as required by any other vehicle. It consists of many cells that are arranged and packed together in a battery. Its job is to store and later provide energy to the motor to start working. Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are often used in e-scooters.


Again, brakes are also of 2 types; mechanical and electronic. So far what we have observed is that mechanical brakes are more reliable and effective to support the purpose of use while electronic brakes often show insignificant performance.


Handlebars make you connected with the scooter and allow you to take the control of your scooter. These handlebars include all the controls such as brakes, accelerator, and speed display. You can turn your scooter wherever however you want.

In portable scooters, folding handlebars are available to conveniently adjust the size.


Speed controls determine the speed of your Electric Scooter by establishing a connection between battery and motor whereas horn and light controls help you in controlling their respective functions.


The stem connects the base (deck) of the scooter to the handlebars. If it is foldable, allows you to carry easily in your storage bag during travel.


Deck provides you the base or platform to stand on and ride your scooter. You have to build up your grip so you can turn around or move flexibly.